Welcome to Utah's Performance Automotive Club of Enthusiasts



Utah 's Performance Automotive Club of Enthusiasts (PACE) is not your everyday club. We originally were a group of friends that came together to create an online forum, that brought together all automotive nuts of Utah . We didn't want to start just any club or forum community, but instead assemble a group of enthusiasts who love cars and everything about them. Our forum community was created in order to bring all enthusiasts from different "scenes" in Utah into one place where they can interact with each other and have more of a local feel to it along with helping aspiring enthusiasts develop their knowledge. We hope UtahPACE becomes a place where everything automotive can be discussed and talked about here. Everyone is welcome to join UtahPACE in hopes of making it one of the best online automotive communities on the net!

Thanks for visiting our site and hope you will enjoy and contribute to the online community.